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Sunday 18 October 2015

Vastu Consultation for properties

CONSULTANTS' DETAILS- Vastu Consultation services are provided by experts since 1980, hailing from a saint lineage. Our consultants are highly qualified with a PhD and multiple masters- trained both formally and informally in various forms of spiritual sciences and holistics. The qualifications of the senior expert and visiting consultant are listed on the website link here:- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com 

CONSULTATION AVAILABLE WITH NO STRUCTURAL CHANGES- Vastu Consultation and solutions provided by us do not include any structural modifications, expensive rebuilding or alteration of the property. As per our expertise and experience we suggest the most effective non-structural remedies for Vastu defects, keeping in mind the client's needs and also aesthetics of the property. If the client is open to and wishes to implement structural changes, guidance will be provided accordingly. Consultation for corporate, business, rental and specific custom need properties are done as per the requirement of the client- with or without conspicuous corrections. 

WHAT IT INVOLVES- Vastu and Fengshui Consultation is provided for built properties and sites- homes, shops, offices, plots, industries etc. The Vastu consultation is customized based on the type of property- residential or commercial. Consultation is also provided for residents of properties where they are facing various personal, professional or other issues. Spiritual remedies and property Vastu proofing is done to reduce the negative energy affecting the residents' lives. Property Vastu also takes into account your date of birth and personal doshas or horoscope based negativity- if there is any negativity relating to personal luck, even that is rectified. Consultation is customized and highly personalized as per your property layout, date of birth, list of issues and list of motives you want enhanced such as- wealth, health, education, legal case support, protection, positive energy enhancement and much more. The consultation sheets provided for a property is valid life long for the layout that is analyzed. Follow up and support for the consultation documents are provided. Clients can choose to avail only Feng Shui, Pyra-Vastu or Vedic Vastu individually. 

TYPES OF CONSULTATION AVAILABLE- Property consultation is done through EMAIL [for those residing outside Bangalore] MAP or blueprint based consultation at Feng Shui Vaastu Shop, our Rajajinagar Spiritual Centre in Bangalore [if visits are not preferred, this is a discussion based consultation option] and ON SITE visit based property consultation [thorough and detailed consultation- 2 property experts will visit for thorough analysis and Vastu energy auditing of your property, personal consultation and remedies] These are the Vastu based services offered.

1- Map Based Consultation- Detailed Property Map Consultation [client provided blueprint or hand drawn map] and individual DOB based Personal Consultation for all residents of the provided property consultation map.

2- On Site Property Visits by Experts- Includes Fengshui, Vastu Shastra, Energy based solutions, Property Vastu rectification, Numerology, Lucky colours/ directions/ gems/ personal fortune enhancers etc, Remedies for personal issues, Personal Consultation based on date of birth, enhancement of personal motives and Follow up. In short, all round detailed spiritual solutions for that property and everyone who resides or works there. This is a very detailed analysis provided through our observation of your property, there is no scope for error.

FEE & CUSTOMIZED QUOTES- Kindly call 9008269652 [ Dr Prema- Senior Spiritual Expert] and drop by to discuss details. Quotations differ based on type of property [residential or commercial], size [in sq feet] location [inner city or outskirts] type of service needed [vastu or fengshui and vastu] and other factors. All details and fee structure plans are transparently mentioned beforehand so that the client can make an informed decision. We choose to be affordable, competitive and provide the best value for money. Support and follow up services are provided any time after consultation. We value genuine and respectable clients, we associate with you spiritually for life, like family.

WEBSITE LINK- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com

NOTE- We believe in honesty, transparency and realistic expectations from spiritual remedies. We have innumerous clients from every section of the society, from every faith and every background possible. Positive changes have been smaller or greater in each individual's life. Some have experienced improvements within weeks, months or so and some within a year based on their life luck. We are educated spiritual expert service providers since 1980 hailing froma  saint lineage, we do not make false guarantees or promises. These services are faith based. We are formally highly qualified with multiple post graduation degrees in feng shui, vastu, numero-astrology and nameology and a PhD in Spiritual sciences. We share our experience, education and expertise in this field with you professionally and help you maximize your life luck and get through difficult situations with the help of spiritual remedies.