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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Vastu Consultation for properties

CONSULTANTS' DETAILS- Vastu Consultation services are provided by experts since 1980, hailing from a saint lineage. Our consultants are highly qualified with a PhD and multiple masters- trained both formally and informally in various forms of spiritual sciences and holistics. The qualifications of the senior expert and visiting consultant are listed on the website link here:- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com 

CONSULTATION AVAILABLE WITH NO STRUCTURAL CHANGES- Vastu Consultation and solutions provided by us do not include any structural modifications, expensive rebuilding or alteration of the property. As per our expertise and experience we suggest the most effective non-structural remedies for Vastu defects, keeping in mind the client's needs and also aesthetics of the property. If the client is open to and wishes to implement structural changes, guidance will be provided accordingly. Consultation for corporate, business, rental and specific custom need properties are done as per the requirement of the client- with or without conspicuous corrections. 

WHAT IT INVOLVES- Vastu and Fengshui Consultation is provided for built properties and sites- homes, shops, offices, plots, industries etc. The Vastu consultation is customized based on the type of property- residential or commercial. Consultation is also provided for residents of properties where they are facing various personal, professional or other issues. Spiritual remedies and property Vastu proofing is done to reduce the negative energy affecting the residents' lives. Property Vastu also takes into account your date of birth and personal doshas or horoscope based negativity- if there is any negativity relating to personal luck, even that is rectified. Consultation is customized and highly personalized as per your property layout, date of birth, list of issues and list of motives you want enhanced such as- wealth, health, education, legal case support, protection, positive energy enhancement and much more. The consultation sheets provided for a property is valid life long for the layout that is analyzed. Follow up and support for the consultation documents are provided. Clients can choose to avail only Feng Shui, Pyra-Vastu or Vedic Vastu individually. 

TYPES OF CONSULTATION AVAILABLE- Property consultation is done through EMAIL [for those residing outside Bangalore] MAP or blueprint based consultation at Feng Shui Vaastu Shop, our Rajajinagar Spiritual Centre in Bangalore [if visits are not preferred, this is a discussion based consultation option] and ON SITE visit based property consultation [thorough and detailed consultation- 2 property experts will visit for thorough analysis and Vastu energy auditing of your property, personal consultation and remedies] These are the Vastu based services offered.

1- Map Based Consultation- Detailed Property Map Consultation [client provided blueprint or hand drawn map] and individual DOB based Personal Consultation for all residents of the provided property consultation map.

2- On Site Property Visits by Experts- Includes Fengshui, Vastu Shastra, Energy based solutions, Property Vastu rectification, Numerology, Lucky colours/ directions/ gems/ personal fortune enhancers etc, Remedies for personal issues, Personal Consultation based on date of birth, enhancement of personal motives and Follow up. In short, all round detailed spiritual solutions for that property and everyone who resides or works there. This is a very detailed analysis provided through our observation of your property, there is no scope for error.

FEE & CUSTOMIZED QUOTES- Kindly call 9008269652 [ Dr Prema- Senior Spiritual Expert] and drop by to discuss details. Quotations differ based on type of property [residential or commercial], size [in sq feet] location [inner city or outskirts] type of service needed [vastu or fengshui and vastu] and other factors. All details and fee structure plans are transparently mentioned beforehand so that the client can make an informed decision. We choose to be affordable, competitive and provide the best value for money. Support and follow up services are provided any time after consultation. We value genuine and respectable clients, we associate with you spiritually for life, like family.

WEBSITE LINK- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com

NOTE- We believe in honesty, transparency and realistic expectations from spiritual remedies. We have innumerous clients from every section of the society, from every faith and every background possible. Positive changes have been smaller or greater in each individual's life. Some have experienced improvements within weeks, months or so and some within a year based on their life luck. We are educated spiritual expert service providers since 1980 hailing froma  saint lineage, we do not make false guarantees or promises. These services are faith based. We are formally highly qualified with multiple post graduation degrees in feng shui, vastu, numero-astrology and nameology and a PhD in Spiritual sciences. We share our experience, education and expertise in this field with you professionally and help you maximize your life luck and get through difficult situations with the help of spiritual remedies. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Spiritual Courses and Consultation in Bangalore

Spiritual Courses and Consultation Centre at Feng Shui Vaastu Shop, Bangalore- offers a wide range of Spiritual and Holistic Services since 1980- everything in one place for spiritual services and spiritual guidance and solutions, energized spiritual articles.


1- Spiritual Products are specifically curated from 5-10 countries by our qualified experts.

2- PhD, Post Doctoral Research, Masters and MD Qualified experts hailing from a Saint Lineage.

3- FREE guidance for spiritual objects purchases, FREE energizing for all spiritual objects after purchase, FREE consultation for spiritual objects, after purchase. FREE follow up for Course students and Paid consultation clients.


  1. Kundalini attunement, initiation and classes
  2. Meditation Classes
  3. Tantric Advanced Yoga
  4. Yoga
  5. Crystal Healing
  6. Chakra and Colour Therapy
  7. Pyramid Healing and Therapy
  8. Karuna Reiki Classes and Attunement
  9. Reiki Initiation and Classes
  10. Egyptian Power Cards initiation
  11. Magnified Healing Classes
  12. Mexican Healing
  13. Mantra Yoga
  14. Tarot Predictions


  1. Vastu and Fengshui consultation property visits for homes, businesses, plots, schools, clinics, galleries, shops, offices, etc.
  2. Fengshui personal consultation and map consultation
  3. Vastu personal consultation and map consultation
  4. Fengshui-Vastu remedies for life issues and problems
  5. Tarot Predictions- guidance, past, present & future, specific questions relating to life issues, solutions and remedies
  6. Counselling - women, children, students, teens, family, couples
  7. Psychotherapy- women, children, students, teens, family, couples
  8. Numerology for individuals
  9. Numerology for businesses
  10. Numerology and nameology for celebrities
  11. Nameology & Nameology for babies, adults and businesses
  12. Egyptian Power cards for- health, wealth, career, business, life issues, court case, marital bonds, education, etc. 
  13. Map and blueprint based consultation for properties- Vastu & Fengshui
  14. Consultation for Fenghui and Vastu objects, Pyramids, Crystals and Yantras
  15. Energizing for all spiritual objects

For all services provided, there is indefinite support and follow up if requested for. In the case of object based remedies taken from us, if you shift your residence or office- you can always visit us and get new directions for the spiritual objects as per your new property directions- for free. We are always available one call away. 

About our experts:- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com
Our spiritual Experts: Dr.Prema Prabhu & Dr. Rathi Prabhu
Contact details:- 9008269652 and 8693919360
Address:- 473 & 474, 10th G Main, 6th Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore, 560010.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Numerology, Nameology, Astrology, Celebrity Numerology, Business Numerology, baby Numerology


  • Matrimony nameology, astrology and numerology.
  • Baby nameology, numerology and astrology. 
  • Business nameology, astrology and numerology. 
  • Celebrity nameology, astrology and numerology.
  • Specific luck factors- mobile numbers, car name plates, home numbers, names of places to settle or work in, choice of cities etc. 
  • Regular nameology, numerology and astrology for adults- with name change and non-name change solutions as per your preference.

Numerology, Nameology and Vedic Astrology is combined with Tarot to increase accuracy and detailed answers for specific questions. The fee is the same as what any Numerologist would charge you- but for 4 integrated services to increase accuracy and predictions/reports from a highly qualified expert with a PhD in Spirituality and Holistic Sciences and PGD in Numero-astrology, PGD Vedic Vastu, PGD Crystals & Gems and a PGD in Feng Shui. Clients can also choose to take any one of the services- Tarot, Numerology. Nameology and Astrology. We maintain a stringent client-consultant confidentiality clause legally to protect the identity and personal information of all clients, especially our high profile and celebrity clients. 

About the Numerology-Astrology, Nameology and Tarot Expert Consultant:
DR. RATHI PRABHU - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rathiprabhu
Dr. Rathi Prabhu- PhD Holistic Sciences, MD & BAMS- Alternative Medicine & Psychotherapy, DPC- Counseling, CPL- Paralegal Law, PGD Vastu, PGD Feng Shui, PGD Numerology, Nameology & Astrology, PGD Crystal Healing & Gemmology, B- Psychology & Economics, ISC Science, Usui and Karuna Reiki Grandmaster, More than 20 Spiritual Certifications.

Dr. Rathi Prabhu is an established Feng Shui and Vastu expert and property consultant, Reiki Master-Teacher, Numerologist, Nameologist, Tarot Reader, Initiating Master/Teacher for spiritual courses, Well being consultant and Spiritual Consultant based in Bangalore. She is also a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Alternative Medicine Professional who works for the welfare of women and children. Holistics was implemented in her personal life since her pre-school days through family lineage. She was introduced to yoga, meditation and mantra yoga during her early years, received her Reiki attunement at the age of 8- 9 years of age and learned tarot, wicca and alternative healing at 14- 15 years of age. Parallel to her mainstream education, she continued to pursue holistics, alternative healing and spirituality to this day. She is formally qualified in 15 Spiritual Techniques and Psychotherapy-Counselling, professionally certified and trained- practicing professionally since 2007. She writes and blogs in the holistic and spiritual field. She has appeared in the media for her work. She is a spiritualist and altruist.

§ Product and Services business catalog :
§ http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com

§ Business and Consultancy blog:
§ http://fengshuivaastushop.blogspot.in

§ Contact: 9008269652

Wednesday, 5 February 2014



TAROT Experts- Dr Prema Prabhu and Dr Rathi Prabhu

The nominal fee is Rupees 800 for the professional expert service, per person's predictions and guidance. No additional GST charges- Composition Scheme. The average time taken per session is 20- 30 minutes which is extended upon request. Timings: 2PM to 6PM every day. Please Call 9008269652 before dropping by.

Our experts for Tarot Predictions have 30 plus years experience in the field of holistics, counselling, spiritual fields and medical practice. They have helped, advised and guided lakhs of people over time and uplifted their lives.

Tarot Readings are done based on psychic intuition, date of birth numerology, energy bonds & spiritual-divination techniques- your presence in person with the expert determines the accuracy of the predictions.
You can seek guidance relating to any issues in your career, marriage, difficult situations, bad phases, etc. You can also look into your past, present and future. If you are going through a tough time or embarking on something new- you can look at possible outcomes and issues that you may face. You can use tarot as a form of spiritual counselling through holistics if you need healing, help and some respite. You can also consult the tarot when you are caught in a fix and have to make important decisions. Tarot readings are not expensive, this is an altruistic service that we provide for people who need help, counselling and guidance relating to life issues. We do not impose restrictions on the number of questions unlike most tarot readers. 

Dr Rathi Prabhu
is a sought out spiritualist in Bangalore, descending from a saint lineage. She took to spirituality as a way of life since the age of 3-4, initiated into Reiki by the age of 8 and Tarot professionally since 13-14. She is a PhD in Holistics and Spirituality, Reiki Grandmaster in Usui and Karuna Schools, MD and BAMS Alternative medicine and Psychotherapy, PGD Feng Shui, PGD Vedic Vastu, PGD Numeroastrology and Nameology, PGD Gemmology and Crystals apart from mainstream qualifications DPC Counseling, B Economics, CPL Law, B English Honors. She is certified in more than 25 Mainstream and Spiritual courses. Certified by world renowned Lillian Too, Malaysia. She is an author and blogger in the spiritual field.

Dr. Prema Prabhu is a well established yet humble philanthropist in the field of medicine and holistic-spiritual life sciences. She is a UK return Medical Practitioner with around 30 plus years of experience in the field of Medicine, health care for women and children as well as family and holistic-spiritual counselling & consulting. She delved into the field of Holistic life sciences and Alternative therapies and has been practicing professionally since 1980. Her philosophy behind her professional interests in Medicine and Holistic Sciences is one of altruism. 
Her expertise in the Holistic Field is in the following disciplines- Reiki Grandmaster, Yoga, Kundalini, Pranic Healing, Crystals, Vaastu and Feng Shui Expert Consultant, Pyramids, Yantras, Tarot Reader, Colour therapy, Magnified Healing, Soham Kriya, Mantra Yoga, Egyptian Cartouche Initiating Master, Runes, Kaballah, Karuna Reiki Master and many more. 

Some examples of clients who Dr Prema Prabhu and Dr Rathi Prabhu have guided through their 30 plus years of practice are- an MLA who lost three consecutive times who had lost hope saw his impending 4rth time victory through the Tarot and its remedies suggested by Dr Prema. A court case that dragged for years with no hope presented an outcome and possibilities. Job opportunities, increment in salary and an asset to be bought was seen in the future of an MNC employee. The educational path, results and issues seen in the case of students. The future, outcomes and solutions for a divorce were seen through the Tarot. This is a microcosm of the number of cases they have read, guided, predicted and offered spiritual solutions for.

Legal Disclaimer: End of the day we only provide you professional service requested for as divine spiritual guidance, counselling and possible or probable outcomes through tarot predictions. The choice, belief, actions you make, decisions you arrive to are solely your will and wish. We are only facilitators and holistic experts, you hold the steering wheel of your own lives. 

Spiritual Experts and Fengshui Vastu Consultants - Bangalore

About our Senior Holistic Expert @ Feng Shui Vaastu Shop- Dr.PREMA :-

She is an established yet humble philanthropist in the field of medicine and holistic life sciences. She is a UK Return Gynaecologist and GP with around 30 plus years of experience in the field of Medicine, health care for women and children, since 1980. Alternatively she delved into the field of Holistic life sciences and alternative therapies and has been practicing personally and professionally since 30-40 years. Her philosophy behind her professional interests in Medicine and Holistic Sciences is one of altruism. She has devoted her life to provide quality health care, spiritual upliftment and alternative holistic life science remedies/courses/awareness for a better living to people in general. Her expertise in the Holistic Field is in the following disciplines- Reiki, Yoga, Kundalini, Pranic Healing, Crystals, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Pyramids, Yantras, Tarot, Colour therapy, Magnified Healing, Soham Kriya, Mantra Yoga, Egyptian Cartouche, Runes, Kaballah, Karuna Reiki etc .. She is our visiting consultant and is available only on prior appointment.

About our Visiting Consultant and Holistic Expert- Dr.Rathi Prabhu:-

Rathi Prabhu is a Spiritual expert who has completed her Diploma & PG Masters in Feng Shui, Diploma & PG Masters in Vastu, Diploma & PGD Numerology-Nameology, Diploma & PG Astro-gemology as well as professional training and certifications in Feng Shui, Vaastu, Crystals, Yoga, Egyptian Cartouche, Magnified Healing, Tarot, Meditation and other holistics. She is an Usui and Karuna Reiki- master/teacher, Holistic expert and Tarot reader. Other qualifications include Bachelors in Psychology, DPC- Psychotherapy and Counselling, BAMS- Alternative Medicine with Psychotherapy. She received her Reiki attunement at the age of 8-9 and learned tarot at 14-15.She compiles and writes modules in holistics for other holistic experts/ teachers and practitioners to use.

She has professional experience since 2007 in the field of Holistic consulting for Feng Shui, Crystals, Reiki, Vaastu and Pyramids apart from personally using holistics since her school days. She provides personal consultation for various forms of holistics as well as Feng Shui and Vastu for career, health, wealth, happiness, education , love, court cases, conflict, etc. She is our visiting consultant for Vaastu and Feng Shui for homes, businesses and offices and she provides blueprint/layout based analysis for spaces- on appointment basis only. Rathi Prabhu is one of the most affordable and altruistic Feng Shui and holistic consultants in Bangalore. You can call her for appointments at 9945636168.

Business and Consultancy blog:- http://fengshuivaastushop.blogspot.in
Facebook Page:- Feng Shui, Vastu, Crystals, Holistics, Reiki, Tarot Predictions, Courses and other related products and services and free tips: https://www.facebook.com/FengShuiVaastuShop
Business Portfolio:- http://www.fengshuivaastushopbangalore.com
Linked In Professional Profile:- http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=227602343


Attunement, initiation and energy channeling is done by our expert since 1980, with more than 30 years experience- Dr.Prema Prabhu, with sole individual attention and training. Thorough professional coaching, training and teaching is done only on a one to one basis. Reiki Grandmaster, teacher and trainer- Dr. Rathi Prabhu conducts training classes in Reiki, teaches the augmentation of traditional Reiki along with crystal healing, angel therapy and nature based energy healing. Customized teaching based on life issues or aspirations or specific professions is also conducted. 

 A written guide book authored by Dr Rathi Prabhu will be provided to you to keep and practice for life. If you have any doubts after completion of the course- you can feel free to contact us anytime on call or drop by at the class venue for free support and guidance. To us, this is a life purpose and spiritual altruism that we believe in.

Number of days:- 1 day.
Topics:- Traditional or Karuna Reiki for all purposes, initiation and training.
Fees, clarifications and other course details:- provided in person only.
imings:- Single slot- 2 pm to 6 pm on all 7 days

REIKI Classes and Professional Training - Longer Duration:- 
Duration:- 15 hours flexible routine.
Days:- Chosen as per mutual convenience of student and Reiki master
Topics:- Reiki initiation and training, attunement, Crystal healing with Reiki, use of Reiki Tools, Angel Therapy with Reiki, Reiki augmentation with other spiritual techniques.
Timings:- Single slot- 2 pm to 6 pm on all 7 days

REIKI CERTIFICATION and letter of Professional Association:-  Provided upon request for those who wish to practice professionally to heal others. 

Payment modes accepted:- Cash, Credit cards, Debit cards, NEFT, IMPS, DD, Cheque. 
Fees, clarifications and other course details:- provided in person only. Please call Dr Prema Reiki Grandmaster at 9008269652 for any clarifications. 

Topics Covered and Benefits of Reiki

USUI Reiki- Degree 1 and Degree 2
Karuna Reiki- Degree 1 and Degree 2
Usui Degree 3A and 3B- Mastership and Teachership
Karuna Reiki Mastership and Teachership
Rainbow Reiki and Reiki with healing tools
Reiki with Crystal healing, pyramids & healing tools.

Professional Coaching
All uses of Reiki
Lifelong energizing
Positions for healing
Influencing and creating change
Distant Reiki
Power Reiki
Reiki for education, work and relationships
Prayer and Invocation
Protection and cleansing
Reiki and its uses for all purposes
Crystals and Reiki
Nature based energies and Reiki

Use of Reiki tools
Angels and Reiki
Reiki and allied disciplines
and more.


• Health enhancement and healing.
• Improving focus, memory and performance.
• Mind discipline and positive conditioning.
• Improvement of life through positive life affirmations.
• Energy enhancement and life improvement.
• Career boost, progress and achievement.
• Enhancement of beliefs, faith and stability.
• Determination and decision making.
• Stress relief, peace and happiness.
• Effectively dealing with life issues.
• Self-protection and reducing negative attacks.
• Deconditioning from bad habits.
• Improving relationships with people and bonds.
• Distant Reiki to someone who lives far away.
• Energizing objects and your things.
• Cleansing your living space and property.
• Psychological benefit for past abuse or trauma.
• Physiological health improvement.
• Spiritual enhancement and connection.
• Enhances creativity, communication and expression.
• Love, sexuality and fertility.
• Energizing food, water and medicines.
• An overall better way of life and contentment.
• And many more benefits.

Reiki can be used to enhance everything in your lives. 
Reiki helps you lead a better life if you practice sincerely. Reiki can help you attract positive energy and possibilities.

CONTACT: Dr.Prema Prabhu and Dr Rathi Prabhu :- 
Reiki Masters, Spiritualists and Initiators at 9008269652 for any queries.

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Magnified Healing is an advanced form of Holistic Science and Art which is practiced by those who have already learned some form of healing. It requires a certain energy level, knowledge and practice compared to courses like Reiki, Yoga, Mantra Shakti, etc which anyone can learn. YThose who generally choose to take up Magnified Healing are already spiritual channels in some Holistic or Divination technique. 

The classes, attunement,, initiation and practice is provided on a one to one basis. The coaching is thorough and professional. One can use the disseminated knowledge and energy life long for self and benefit of others. For doubts, queries and follow up- our students can always come to us life long for free. We believe in altruistic learning and holistic support.

Image source:- Google search result for KwanYin.