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Sunday 9 November 2014

Numerology, Nameology, Astrology, Celebrity Numerology, Business Numerology, baby Numerology


  • Matrimony nameology, astrology and numerology.
  • Baby nameology, numerology and astrology. 
  • Business nameology, astrology and numerology. 
  • Celebrity nameology, astrology and numerology.
  • Specific luck factors- mobile numbers, car name plates, home numbers, names of places to settle or work in, choice of cities etc. 
  • Regular nameology, numerology and astrology for adults- with name change and non-name change solutions as per your preference.

Numerology, Nameology and Vedic Astrology is combined with Tarot to increase accuracy and detailed answers for specific questions. The fee is the same as what any Numerologist would charge you- but for 4 integrated services to increase accuracy and predictions/reports from a highly qualified expert with a PhD in Spirituality and Holistic Sciences and PGD in Numero-astrology, PGD Vedic Vastu, PGD Crystals & Gems and a PGD in Feng Shui. Clients can also choose to take any one of the services- Tarot, Numerology. Nameology and Astrology. We maintain a stringent client-consultant confidentiality clause legally to protect the identity and personal information of all clients, especially our high profile and celebrity clients. 

About the Numerology-Astrology, Nameology and Tarot Expert Consultant:
DR. RATHI PRABHU - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rathiprabhu
Dr. Rathi Prabhu- PhD Holistic Sciences, MD & BAMS- Alternative Medicine & Psychotherapy, DPC- Counseling, CPL- Paralegal Law, PGD Vastu, PGD Feng Shui, PGD Numerology, Nameology & Astrology, PGD Crystal Healing & Gemmology, B- Psychology & Economics, ISC Science, Usui and Karuna Reiki Grandmaster, More than 20 Spiritual Certifications.

Dr. Rathi Prabhu is an established Feng Shui and Vastu expert and property consultant, Reiki Master-Teacher, Numerologist, Nameologist, Tarot Reader, Initiating Master/Teacher for spiritual courses, Well being consultant and Spiritual Consultant based in Bangalore. She is also a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Alternative Medicine Professional who works for the welfare of women and children. Holistics was implemented in her personal life since her pre-school days through family lineage. She was introduced to yoga, meditation and mantra yoga during her early years, received her Reiki attunement at the age of 8- 9 years of age and learned tarot, wicca and alternative healing at 14- 15 years of age. Parallel to her mainstream education, she continued to pursue holistics, alternative healing and spirituality to this day. She is formally qualified in 15 Spiritual Techniques and Psychotherapy-Counselling, professionally certified and trained- practicing professionally since 2007. She writes and blogs in the holistic and spiritual field. She has appeared in the media for her work. She is a spiritualist and altruist.

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