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Wednesday 5 February 2014



TAROT Experts- Dr Prema Prabhu and Dr Rathi Prabhu

The nominal fee is Rupees 800 for the professional expert service, per person's predictions and guidance. No additional GST charges- Composition Scheme. The average time taken per session is 20- 30 minutes which is extended upon request. Timings: 2PM to 6PM every day. Please Call 9008269652 before dropping by.

Our experts for Tarot Predictions have 30 plus years experience in the field of holistics, counselling, spiritual fields and medical practice. They have helped, advised and guided lakhs of people over time and uplifted their lives.

Tarot Readings are done based on psychic intuition, date of birth numerology, energy bonds & spiritual-divination techniques- your presence in person with the expert determines the accuracy of the predictions.
You can seek guidance relating to any issues in your career, marriage, difficult situations, bad phases, etc. You can also look into your past, present and future. If you are going through a tough time or embarking on something new- you can look at possible outcomes and issues that you may face. You can use tarot as a form of spiritual counselling through holistics if you need healing, help and some respite. You can also consult the tarot when you are caught in a fix and have to make important decisions. Tarot readings are not expensive, this is an altruistic service that we provide for people who need help, counselling and guidance relating to life issues. We do not impose restrictions on the number of questions unlike most tarot readers. 

Dr Rathi Prabhu
is a sought out spiritualist in Bangalore, descending from a saint lineage. She took to spirituality as a way of life since the age of 3-4, initiated into Reiki by the age of 8 and Tarot professionally since 13-14. She is a PhD in Holistics and Spirituality, Reiki Grandmaster in Usui and Karuna Schools, MD and BAMS Alternative medicine and Psychotherapy, PGD Feng Shui, PGD Vedic Vastu, PGD Numeroastrology and Nameology, PGD Gemmology and Crystals apart from mainstream qualifications DPC Counseling, B Economics, CPL Law, B English Honors. She is certified in more than 25 Mainstream and Spiritual courses. Certified by world renowned Lillian Too, Malaysia. She is an author and blogger in the spiritual field.

Dr. Prema Prabhu is a well established yet humble philanthropist in the field of medicine and holistic-spiritual life sciences. She is a UK return Medical Practitioner with around 30 plus years of experience in the field of Medicine, health care for women and children as well as family and holistic-spiritual counselling & consulting. She delved into the field of Holistic life sciences and Alternative therapies and has been practicing professionally since 1980. Her philosophy behind her professional interests in Medicine and Holistic Sciences is one of altruism. 
Her expertise in the Holistic Field is in the following disciplines- Reiki Grandmaster, Yoga, Kundalini, Pranic Healing, Crystals, Vaastu and Feng Shui Expert Consultant, Pyramids, Yantras, Tarot Reader, Colour therapy, Magnified Healing, Soham Kriya, Mantra Yoga, Egyptian Cartouche Initiating Master, Runes, Kaballah, Karuna Reiki Master and many more. 

Some examples of clients who Dr Prema Prabhu and Dr Rathi Prabhu have guided through their 30 plus years of practice are- an MLA who lost three consecutive times who had lost hope saw his impending 4rth time victory through the Tarot and its remedies suggested by Dr Prema. A court case that dragged for years with no hope presented an outcome and possibilities. Job opportunities, increment in salary and an asset to be bought was seen in the future of an MNC employee. The educational path, results and issues seen in the case of students. The future, outcomes and solutions for a divorce were seen through the Tarot. This is a microcosm of the number of cases they have read, guided, predicted and offered spiritual solutions for.

Legal Disclaimer: End of the day we only provide you professional service requested for as divine spiritual guidance, counselling and possible or probable outcomes through tarot predictions. The choice, belief, actions you make, decisions you arrive to are solely your will and wish. We are only facilitators and holistic experts, you hold the steering wheel of your own lives. 

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