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Wednesday 5 February 2014


Attunement, initiation and energy channeling is done by our expert since 1980, with more than 30 years experience- Dr.Prema Prabhu, with sole individual attention and training. Thorough professional coaching, training and teaching is done only on a one to one basis. Reiki Grandmaster, teacher and trainer- Dr. Rathi Prabhu conducts training classes in Reiki, teaches the augmentation of traditional Reiki along with crystal healing, angel therapy and nature based energy healing. Customized teaching based on life issues or aspirations or specific professions is also conducted. 

 A written guide book authored by Dr Rathi Prabhu will be provided to you to keep and practice for life. If you have any doubts after completion of the course- you can feel free to contact us anytime on call or drop by at the class venue for free support and guidance. To us, this is a life purpose and spiritual altruism that we believe in.

Number of days:- 1 day.
Topics:- Traditional or Karuna Reiki for all purposes, initiation and training.
Fees, clarifications and other course details:- provided in person only.
imings:- Single slot- 2 pm to 6 pm on all 7 days

REIKI Classes and Professional Training - Longer Duration:- 
Duration:- 15 hours flexible routine.
Days:- Chosen as per mutual convenience of student and Reiki master
Topics:- Reiki initiation and training, attunement, Crystal healing with Reiki, use of Reiki Tools, Angel Therapy with Reiki, Reiki augmentation with other spiritual techniques.
Timings:- Single slot- 2 pm to 6 pm on all 7 days

REIKI CERTIFICATION and letter of Professional Association:-  Provided upon request for those who wish to practice professionally to heal others. 

Payment modes accepted:- Cash, Credit cards, Debit cards, NEFT, IMPS, DD, Cheque. 
Fees, clarifications and other course details:- provided in person only. Please call Dr Prema Reiki Grandmaster at 9008269652 for any clarifications. 

Topics Covered and Benefits of Reiki

USUI Reiki- Degree 1 and Degree 2
Karuna Reiki- Degree 1 and Degree 2
Usui Degree 3A and 3B- Mastership and Teachership
Karuna Reiki Mastership and Teachership
Rainbow Reiki and Reiki with healing tools
Reiki with Crystal healing, pyramids & healing tools.

Professional Coaching
All uses of Reiki
Lifelong energizing
Positions for healing
Influencing and creating change
Distant Reiki
Power Reiki
Reiki for education, work and relationships
Prayer and Invocation
Protection and cleansing
Reiki and its uses for all purposes
Crystals and Reiki
Nature based energies and Reiki

Use of Reiki tools
Angels and Reiki
Reiki and allied disciplines
and more.


• Health enhancement and healing.
• Improving focus, memory and performance.
• Mind discipline and positive conditioning.
• Improvement of life through positive life affirmations.
• Energy enhancement and life improvement.
• Career boost, progress and achievement.
• Enhancement of beliefs, faith and stability.
• Determination and decision making.
• Stress relief, peace and happiness.
• Effectively dealing with life issues.
• Self-protection and reducing negative attacks.
• Deconditioning from bad habits.
• Improving relationships with people and bonds.
• Distant Reiki to someone who lives far away.
• Energizing objects and your things.
• Cleansing your living space and property.
• Psychological benefit for past abuse or trauma.
• Physiological health improvement.
• Spiritual enhancement and connection.
• Enhances creativity, communication and expression.
• Love, sexuality and fertility.
• Energizing food, water and medicines.
• An overall better way of life and contentment.
• And many more benefits.

Reiki can be used to enhance everything in your lives. 
Reiki helps you lead a better life if you practice sincerely. Reiki can help you attract positive energy and possibilities.

CONTACT: Dr.Prema Prabhu and Dr Rathi Prabhu :- 
Reiki Masters, Spiritualists and Initiators at 9008269652 for any queries.

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